Our whole-of-life approach to restoration and surface preparation sets us apart.

Vero Laser provides leading materials and technology for asset remediation, repair and maintenance services. 


Our expertise encompass:

  • laser cleaning services for the removal of contaminants, corrosion & coatings from infrastructure, machinery and equipment
  • training and development in partnership with the Australasian Corrosion Association
  • concrete repair including spalling, joint sealing, crack injection for structural and durability repairs
  • injection technology, water proofing and infrastructure maintenance
  • industrial coatings and ground stabilisation
  • repair and rehabilitation of manholes using our HDT unit
  • research and development, and
  • sales in partnership with authorised agencies.


Vero Laser provides systems-based solutions for the repair and protection of all concrete steel and masonry structures.


We offer quality civil services for road, rail, tunnel and major infrastructure developments; underground car parks and rail projects; wastewater treatment plants and reservoirs, jetties, bridges and lighthouses. 

Our vision is to provide quantifiable value through sustainable communities leaving a positive, lasting impact. 

We provide quality civil services and systems-based solutions addressing corrosion on Australia’s infrastructure.

1. Training and development

Vero Laser offers training and development in partnership with the Australasian Corrosion Association as one of our primary services.

We cover required work health and safety process and procedures with your staff’s wellbeing at the forefront with all we do. 


    2. Contract services

    Vero Laser undertakes asset inspection and condition assessment services for both Government and private sectors. We offer specialised systems to meet your project needs in the following areas:

    1. State-of-the-art laser cleaning technology
    2. Treatment of radioactive material
    3. Corrosion inspection and condition assessments
    4. Industrial coatings and surface preparation
    5. Remedial concrete services
    6. Project management
    7. Waterproofing

    3. Research and development

    Vero Laser works in partnership with world leaders to undertake research and development in various surface preparation methods to provide the best industry services and products. 

    Vero Laser research and development partners and services thus far are:

    1. ANU
    2. QUT
    3. Process improvement 

    4. Sales

    Vero Laser works with established and authorised agents to obtain and apply the best industry lasers for relevant surfaces across industries.


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