Our whole-of-life approach to restoration and surface preparation sets us apart.

Vero Laser utilises proven laser cleaning technology to address the impact corrosion has on Australia’s infrastructure. 

Our vision is to provide quantifiable value through sustainable communities leaving a positive, lasting impact.

Vero Laser is a subsidiary of Vitae Technology established as an innovation accelerator and idea generator with genuine community and environmental benefits.

Vero Laser is the first commercial entity out of this hub and has a mandate of creating lasting change in Australian industries including defence, marine, industrial and mining.

How laser technology works

The laser is short-pulsed, this means that the laser beam is comparable to small bullets of light, shooting at a frequency of around 200,000 pulses/second. When a bullet hits the absorbing layer, two things can happen:

  1. Crimp effect: The base material stays cold, while the absorbing layer heats up. The heat-expansion difference will cause the contaminant to crimp off the base material.
  1. Evaporation: The contaminant heats up that much, a plasma is created around the working area. This will cause contaminate evaporation.

The contamination, coating, and oils evaporate when absorbing the laser energy, whereas the base material, wood, steel, stone, plastics, is left cleaned and undamaged.

We provide systems-based solutions for the repair and protection of all concrete, steel and masonry structures.

With an industry leader as the CEO, and a strong team governed by a  board of directors with over 90 years industry experience Vero Laser is the choice for progressive industries adopting laser cleaning technology and world class repair materials.

The Vero Laser team includes a recognised board of industry professionals, internationally and locally trained technicians and tradespeople experienced in all aspects of civil and marine remediation.

Our affiliations with engineers also provide expert advice and guidance throughout each project.

The highly skilled workforce delivers best practice safety and management systems and takes a common-sense approach to achieve strong project outcomes.


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