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Vero Laser utilises innovative laser cleaning and coatings to help businesses:

Reduce costs

Increase operational safety

Reduce environmental impact

The smarter choice for surface preparation and restoration.

Vero Laser provides measurable improvements in property and infrastructure maintenance Australia wide.

Vero Laser is taking advantage of advancements in fibre optics, lower cost and higher performing lasers, with a greater emphasis on environmental sustainability and operational safety of the process.

Laser cleaning technology delivers precise, non-destructive surface removal of rust, coatings and contamination compared to traditional abrasive, mechanical and chemical methods. 

We provide systems-based solutions for the repair and protection of all concrete, steel and masonry structures.

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 Our whole-of-life approach is what sets Vero Laser apart.

 Vero Laser is the choice for progressive industries adopting laser cleaning technology and world-class repair materials.

Vero Laser technology and services are beneficial to major Australian markets including defence, marine, mining, infrastructure, asset maintenance, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, rail, pipelines, and heritage restoration.  

Laser cleaning is the ideal method for removing coatings and contaminants without damaging substrates. 

Vero Laser capabilities can be applied across projects utilising our leading edge technology, industry knowledge, and a strong and experienced team.

To see how we can help you, view some of our case studies.  

Lead-based coating removal project

Current practice summary

Historically, critical infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand made from steel was often coated with lead-based paint.

In the current day much of this infrastructure is reaching beyond its design life and requiring maintenance.

To execute maintenance engineers have previously been limited in their options to either chemical stripping or abrasive blasting for the removal of lead-based coating.

Client testimonial

Laser Remove Existing Paint Protective Coating Experiencing Partial Surface Corrosion and Re-Application of Paint Protective Coating

SkyWay and its Client (Brisbane Airport Corporation) were thoroughly satisfied with the outcome of the works undertaken by Vero Laser, in particular the effectiveness of the removal of the paint protection coating with 100W Laser.

The 100W Laser was able to remove the existing protective paint coating more easily with no dust or waste product which traditional removal methods would exhibit. This is particularly useful in meeting environmental requirements, as no encapsulation is required which reduces the overall costs to perform works. The Laser was also very effective at removing existing paint on steel without having to remove Fibre Reinforced Plastic Platform Grating which was seated on top of the steel member. This allowed for the platform grating to remain in place which eliminated the need to work in an area with large penetrations above water, thus reduced the safety risk of the activity.

As for the re-application of paint protective coating this was captured through the TruQC quality control system which gave us real-time quality progress on the project. This was useful to determine the specified Dry Film Thickness of the paint protective coating was being meet over the course of the works.

Vero Laser met and in some instances exceeded the works programme which was crucial at the time, as the New Parallel Runway Project was fast approaching Practical Completion.

I know that both CPB and BMD would not hesitate in engaging Vero Laser to complete further projects, of this nature, in the future.

Chris Brockhurst

Senior Project Engineer, SkyWay


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